KM Application Switcher -- Why I Finally Switched

Until recently I never saw much use for the KM Application Switcher , but recently I finally saw the light! :+1:

It gives you much more control over the display of the switcher than the macOS built-in switcher does.

It fixes these issues I had with the macOS Switcher:

  • The display location of the Switcher
    • The macOS seems to be keyed to the screen on which you last viewed the Dock
    • With the KM Switcher I can set it to appear under my mouse
    • Makes it much easier to find
  • Background Color of the Switcher
    • Now that I'm running Mojave Dark Mode, I need a background color that stands out against both dark (black) and light (white) screens
    • The KM Switcher let's me choose whatever color I want

There are many other features of the KM Switcher that you may find useful.
I encourage everyone to check it out, read the Wiki Application Switcher , and test the Macro that comes with KM in the Switcher Group.

So here's my gaudy, but attention-getting, KM App Switcher:

Please share you experience with the KM App Switcher.


Giving it a go for a few days.