KM broken in Parallels Desktop after Mac OS X 10.11.4 update

Many (but not all) of the KM shortcuts and macros that I use in Parallels Desktop 9 have stopped working after updating my Mac to 10.11.4 today.

eg. I have hotkey ‘Key Pad 9’ replaced by ‘Shift Key Pad 9’, however the shift key is not being sent when I press 9. I have tried changing ‘hotkey’ to ‘device trigger’ with no improvement. Same problems in KM 6 and 7.

Is anyone else seeing problems with KM after today’s Mac OS X update, and do you have any suggestions for how to proceed?

there have been two updates to Parallels since V9.
You probably need to upgrade to V11 to be fully supported under El Capitan 10.11.

I tested Parallels 11 and it has the same problem. Something about the Mac update has broken the interaction between KM and Parallels, both newest and older versions.

Have you made queries to the Parallels forum and support?