KM Control error: "failed 403"

Trying to setup KM Control on iPad – first time.

After sign-in, get error: "failed 403"
Appears on iPad for about 1 second, then disappears.

I’ve searched KM documentation, wiki, and this forum.
What am I missing?

For reference:
Two other iPad-to-Mac control apps work okay, so have connections.

Another question:
Does KM control use WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB?
I couldn’t find that information either.

Thank you.

Keyboard Maestro Control works over TCP via WiFi.

403 means “iPhone Invalid Authentication”, so probably the username/password is incorrect.

They must be configured in the Keyboard Maestro Web Server preferences. Make sure you tab out of the password field after entering as it seems sometimes if you don’t it wont be set correctly.

Then make sure the username and password is entered correctly in Keyboard Maestro Control.

I would not recommend using the same password as your Mac password, although once the connection is made the password is no longer stored, but even so, a different password would be advisable.

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Instructions worked perfectly – KM Control now working on my iPad.
Thank you, @peternlewis

One little detail still worries me:
Why couldn’t I find this myself, without bothering you and cluttering up the forum?

I already have a search set for finding answers about KM.
It finds something about almost everything, but nothing about this.
There is some mistake in my searching, but what?

There is a web page on the wiki on Keyboard Maestro Control. What information were you missing?

I read that wiki page.
Still didn’t know what to do.

And no mention there of that specific, and very un-helpful, error message.

Your instructions above, on this thread, are much easier to follow.

For other newcomers to KM Control, would be most helpful in the wiki to have a screen print with “call outs” – in the style of @JMichaelTX.

Thank you, again, Peter, for showing me how to solve this problem.
Confirms my confidence in your software.

I have added some more information to the wiki page.