KM Dictionary As Plist




Action: This action will either take the contents of a Keyboard Maestro dictionary and save the data to a file; or read the contents of a file and import those data to a Keyboard Maestro dictionary. The file can be of either Plist or JSON format.

Input: Either a full path to the file is supplied, or a path to a folder. The latter is preferable, as the filename will be automatically determined using the name of the dictionary—supplied in the field labelled Dictionary—and the selected format of the file (.plist or .json), chosen from the dropdown list labelled Format. The default is Plist. The Mode determines which direction the data travels: GET (default) reads data from a file and imports it into a KM dictionary (note that the file must exist); SET exports a KM dictionary, saving it to a file (note that the KM dictionary must exist).

Output: In GET mode, the contents of the KM dictionary are returned after retrieving the data from a file and importing it into the dictionary. It is returned in an stringified version of an AppleScript record object. In SET mode, the full path to the file is returned after the KM dictionary has been exported. This result may be ignored, displayed in a window, displayed in a notification, saved to a variable, or copied to the clipboard.

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I need help parsing JSON into KM variables