KM doesn't have permission to change Dropbox files (?)

Hi guys, I created a simple macro to back up my Adobe CC app preferences to Dropbox. This helps with two machines I want to keep synchronized.

But when I try to delete files out of my Dropbox using KM, I get this error:

2024-05-03 14:18:28 Trash file /Users/jack/Dropbox (Personal)/Backups/PL Preferences failed with You do not have permission to move the file “PL Preferences” to the trash. in macro “Trying” (while executing Delete last copy).

I have gone through all these Accessibility Permission Problem steps—no change.

Then I tested to see if KM can edit files outside of my Dropbox. That works like a charm. So I think somehow KM can't edit within my Dropbox.

KM and KME both have "Full Disk Access" in my Settings.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Back Up Adobe Preferences.kmmacros (4.8 KB)

Usually when I see questions like this, the normal response that I see from the experts is, "Did you try doing the command (that is failing) from a Terminal, and if so, did the command succeed or give you a permission error?"

In your case, the command that you would execute would probably be:

rm ~/Dropbox (Personal)/Backups/xxxxx/

where xxxxx is either "SJ Preferences" or "PL Preferences", depending on which machine you are doing the command from.

Maybe someone else can spot the problem just by looking at your code, but all I can suggest is try the above, and then we will have an important indicator of what the problem may be.

Works fine.

What's more, I can even execute that shell command within a KM macro—no problem!

I trash, edit, and create files in Dropbox using KM everyday, so there must be some other issue.

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Okay, so that's your workaround for now, right?