KM doesn't see certain Safari form fields

I’m working on a Wordpress site and would like to use KM to populate the form fields of one of my backend pages. But KM’s “set Safari field” action doesn’t appear to “see” all the form fields available in Safari (it does see some and can populate them without any trouble).

I’m trying to figure out if this is a user error, a KM problem, or an inevitable limitation of the web page somehow.

I can’t link to the specific page in question (obviously it’s access-restricted), but I could post screenshots or a video for troubleshooting if anyone would find that helpful.

A screenshot of the page wont help. The underlying HTML might show the issue. The HTML may include sensitive information, so use caution in posting it. Feel free to email it to support instead. Some fields are easier to identify, typically if they have a consistent ID tag. Otherwise, you will have to find some other way to identify the field via JavaScript access (which will likely be flaky).