KM doesn't see the HandsFree 2 (HF2) App

I mean HandsFree 2 app.

  1. I can’t make the folder that is “Available in these apps”. It runs from Menubar and KM can’t say whether I’m currently “in this app” or not…

  2. I want to toggle system volume automatically during the phone call. But I don’t have appropriate triggers: app is always running (no launches/quits), activates/deactivates are also not good (you switch to other apps during the talk). KM doesn’t see the windows of this app, so, I have to use this script, to catch them (if result contains “iPhone …”):

tell application "System Events"
tell application “HandsFree 2” to get the name of front window
end tell

but it also can’t be a trigger, it may be a condition (I can see though the start and the end of talk)

  1. Since KM does’t see the windows, it also can’s see the buttons (no “Press a Button”). So, I can’t make shortcuts (except “click at the image found”), I can’t make them simple (like Esc or Enter) due to p.(1) (see above)

Any help from pro users?

Not exactly what you asked for, but as a workaround, I’d suggest that you create a KM Macro that toggles the System Volume that is triggered by a hotkey.

I had not heard of this app, but it looks very interesting.
I have been using the Apple FaceTime to answer/make phone calls, but HandsFree 2 looks like it has more features. So I have downloaded it and will test it.

If I can figure out how to achieve your auto-volume-toggle, I’ll post back here.

Yes, it seems to be hard to get a proper trigger.

Unless you can tweak the app’s preferences in a way that you get a front window when a call comes in. In that case you could make a macro group with a “Available when a focused window…” trigger.

Unfortunately I can’t try it, since the app refuses to pair with my iPhone 6s.

Yes, I did this a time ago, appointed a previously useless key "Eject DVD" :slight_smile:
But, this is like semi-automatic. When you finished talking, in some time you get a very loud time announcement, sms or smth... ))))

Previously I also used a FaceTime app over the iPhone. But then moved to HF2:

  1. Not all WiFi networks (esp public) allow you to use it. Sometimes it results an error, like "iPhone and Mac must be on the same wifi", though they are. With HS2 you don't need any wifi at all

  2. With HF2 you can transfer the call to iPhone and back as many times as you want (when smb comes in, e.g.). With FT you may do it only once: from Mac to iPhone

  3. More functional to use headphones with HF2

  4. HF2 can record important talk

There are many other smaller features, like call journals, handy notifications (like missed calls), calling directly from Apple Contacts (plugin), the same automation (tel://...) and so on. I use this service macro to call via HF2:

Dial iPhone with Selected Number BT (service).kmmacros (3.7 KB)

This macro is used by other macros from the folder-palette like "Favourites" where you write specific number to the clipboard and call it, or by other macro with the shortcut, which copies the selected text and calls this service macro.

This is smth strange… Call to devs, they answer very quick

Try pairing and searching from Mac, and from HF2

@Ilya, thanks for sharing the benefits and KM Macro for HF2.
I hope to get it installed today.

If you’re having trouble getting HF2 to work with an iPhone, please make sure to have version 2.6 since it has specific fixes for connecting to those types of phones. You can update in-app or download the latest at


I have a feeling the reason HF2 can’t find the windows is because the app is a “background only” app. This is also the reason it doesn’t show up in the Force Quit dialog. I’ll work on adding in the option to have it become a normal app which the dock icon and menu bar + the call dialogs having different titles so you can script it. This will be available in HF 2.6.1 once it’s released - which I’m hoping to have out in the next few weeks.


Thank you so much for joining this discussion about your product. :+1:
It is always great to hear directly from the developer.

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I revised your topic title sightly to make it easier for others to find:
“KM doesn’t see the HandsFree 2 (HF2) App”


Thank you!
Together with the"Call Waiting" feature it will be a “killer-app” for FaceTime-iPhone calls
Looking forward to 2.6.1!

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Thanks for the warm welcome, I appreciate it!