KM Editor crashes on High Sierra beta 7


It’s all in the title: just installed High Sierra beta 7 and my KM macros work just fine with the exception of one due to a menu change in QuickTime. Tried to open KM Editor to fix the macro but the editor keeps crashing during launch.

I know I’m talking here about a problem related to an unreleased version of macOS so that is to be expected and I have only myself to blame if I face that sort of problems. Fair enough.

So that’s why I’m posting here, just to ask around seeing if I am the only one facing this issue (in which case I need to possibly investigate further).

And if I’m not the only one, is there a beta somewhere I could try (or apply to participate)?


Same problem here. Macros continue to work fine, but the editor crashes in HS.

The only crash I have seen with Keyboard Maestro in High Sierra is caused be broken Color Pickers.

You can launch Keyboard Maestro editor with the Shift key down which I believe stops the Color Pickers from loading. Search your system for old color pickers and remove them.

Known problematic ones include:

  • RCWebColorPicker
  • WebPicker (might be the same as RCWebColorPicker).

If you find others that are incompatible, please add them to this topic.

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Nice one, that was the reason indeed. Removed the few custom pickers I had installed along the years and KM doesn’t crash anymore.

Thanks! :+1:

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Worth noting that launching KM Editor with the Shift Key down didn’t make any difference though.

I agree that launching KM Editor with the Shift Key down didn’t make any difference.

RCWebColorPicker was the culprit. Thanks, Peter.

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SkalaColor.colorPicker here. After moving it out it started.

For me, it was ZeplinColorPicker.colorPicker. Solution, as above, worked perfectly (save for the shift-key thing; that didn’t work).

These colorpickers also crashed KM Editor for me in High Sierra:

  • CBShadesColorPicker.colorPicker
  • DeveloperColorPicker.colorPicker
  • HexColorPicker.colorPicker