KM Editor enhancement request for Execute Macro

I humbly suggest adding a few extra words to the title of the Execute Macro that show the parameters being passed. (I did not see this idea on the forums.) Without this feature I have to keep the action at full size so I can read the parameters that I pass. Here's a contrived screenshot showing what it SHOULD look like:

Doing so would be completely consistent with other actions like the following which include the data in the header: (allowing me to reduce the action's size and still see all its data:)

Minimized it is still completely readable:

But a minimized Execute Macro action with a parameter is missing all its parameter data:

While I'm at it, there should also be a visible flag to indicate that an action has non-default values for its timeout. Even if it's just a single icon indicating something is there. Personally I'd rather see one icon for each of the timeout settings. And the default should also be settable in the KM Preferences window.

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If an action has a timeout, the hands of the clock show in the gear icon.

If an action has a non-default timeout (ie, one you have changed from the default), then the hands show 4.5 O'clock instead of 3 O'clock.

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Oh thanks. I did look at those hands and the colour of the gear and was wondering what they indicated, but was unable to come up with a definitive conclusion. Thanks.

Done for the next version.


I just downloaded 8.1 and it seems to be there. Thanks! This will help me a lot.

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