KM Editor "Find in All Macros" slow to initialize


For quite a long time now, whenever I initiate "Find in All Macros" within the Editor, the interface freezes (spinning ball) for as long as 5-6 seconds before it selects the "All Macros" group and subsequently places focus in the Search field. Is this normal behavior?

I currently have 78 Total Groups with 1440 Total Macros. I'm certain there are others with far more macros than that, so I'm not sure that's causing the slowdown. If not normal, could behavior like this be caused but some odd character(s) or text symbol(s) I used in a macro title or something?


Basically it is listing all the macros, so yes, it becomes quite slow when you have a lot of macros. I will look in to improving it.

1400 macros is quite a lot of macros, I am sure it is more than most Keyboard Maestro users. Keyboard Maestro has grown a lot over the years and some parts of the design are starting to show that it was really designed for hundreds of macros, not thousands.


Thanks Peter. Actually, I have a sizeable portion of disabled macros (testing duplicates, depreciated use, etc.) I'll try clearing out some of those and see if things improve.


That would be great. Both Chris @ccstone and I have noticed the initial slowness of the Global Search as well.

I have over 2,000 macros, and I think Chris does as well.
FYI, when I search for macros using @DanThomas' macro, it is very fast.
See MACRO: Go To Macro by Name (Spotlight)


About 1700.

Painful slowness...