KM Editor: Navigate Backward <-> Forward (?)

This seems very unlikely, but is, or could, there a way to navigate within the Editor using some sort of history? At a minimum I’m looking for some way to “Goto Previous Group” or "Goto Previous Macro.

Maybe it’s just me always doing 5 things at once, but I continually forget where the heck I was when I switched to a different Group/Macro to copy something I needed at the original spot.

Peter, you created a tool with far too many possibilities for the weak-willed person trying to avoid work by continually spending hours creating fantastical new macros that will shave no less than 9 seconds off of a 15 second task that I really only have need to use 3 times per month! I’m an addict and I need help.

Hi Jakz

The great Philippe Martin has made a group of macros, which I think can help you.

See here:
But the link seems to be down now.
You can find a copy here:

My solution has generally been to use the All Macros smart group, and View ➤ Sort by Macro Execution or Modification.

Well, until recently anyway, but that doesn't help you. Yet.