KM editor with FIND text, coloured resuts

When searching for text in the KM editor, the actions are coloured blue if the text is found inside the action. The problem I find a lot is that you can't tell which branch of the conditional action the text is found in. Perhaps this is best illustrated with the use of a SWITCH action:

In this example the action is coloured blue because under one of the branches the string "cc" is found. But there's no way for me to tell which branch unless I open up every one of them. This SWITCH statement contains only four sub-actions. In many parts of my program I have to open ten or more actions just to see which one contains the results I'm looking for. Can the colouring system be improved to indicate portions of actions instead of the whole action?

I guess I could solve this by introducing groups around every sub-action and then minimizing the size of the group instead of the size of the branch. But that seems to defeat the purpose of the little triangle that lets you hide the actions inside another action.

I did search to see if this issue was already posted, and didn't find anything. Sorry if I missed it.


Done for the next version.