KM Engine appears to die randomly

Once every couple of days, KM will cease to execute any macros (i.e. keyboard shortcuts will not work) for a minute or two. Then after that period all of the macros I asked to be executed via keyboard shortcut come flooding back.

The KM program does not die in this time, it remains viable.

Quitting / restarting KM does not help. Restarting the computer fixes this.

Is a service dying and being restarted in the background; does the system get overwhelmed or what is happening here?

@iamdannywyatt seems to be experiencing something similar. I wonder what's going on...?

I think it's probably not the same issue.
My only issue is that it quits the engine, so the macros don't work, but if I go to File > Launch Engine, it starts right away. And I don't have that issue with the macros flooding back.

Maybe that's some kind of spell that's haunting KM users...