KM Engine keeps crashing - logs attached - 10.13.3

The KM Engine keeps crashing on my wife's mac. KM v 8.0.5
Logs attached.
I did quit the engine (when it was running), quit the app, then download and install a fresh version. to no avail.

Keyboard Maestro Engine (86.0 KB)

Some people seem to be experiencing a noticeable number of crashes in the engine, particularly in 10.13, but I have no lead on the cause of the crashes. They appear to be memory getting stomped, but appear all over the place and at very low levels, with no clear cause so I don’t know where the problem might lie (or even if the problem is in my code or the system code).

I am trying to track it down, but it is very difficult since it is not repeatable and seems to have some sort of system setting, specific action, or third party involvement which makes it common for just some people.

Some reports indicate it happens after waking from sleep.

I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer at this time.


I am having the same issue since updating to KM 8.2.2 (on Mac OS X 10.13.6, 32GB Ram, 3.2 GHz).

Doing simple editing in the KM Editor is causing intermittent crashes. Where do I begin to troubleshoot this? I've sent comments with the crash reports.

The Keyboard Maestro editor crashing is a completely different thing. There was a build issue with 8.2.2 that causes sporadic crashes in the Keyboard Maestro editor in 8.2.2 which will be fixed in 8.2.3.

The crash happens when cleaning the compiled script cache, so you can avoid the crashes for the moment by:

  • Launch Keyboard Maestro (editor)
  • Choose Help ➤ Open Preferences Folder
  • Quit Keyboard Maestro (editor)
  • Trash the file “Keyboard Maestro Cached Compiled Scripts.sqlite”

Hopefully I will have 8.2.3 out before the cache grows large enough to need cleaning again, otherwise repeat the process.

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Super! Thanks for the quick response.