KM Engine reliability issue - engine crashes and menu icon disappears

I am running a borrowed laptop for next few weeks because mine died and since it's not mine I don't want to try to doctor around or complain about the machine, just happy I have something I can use. The machine has KM installed but I don't think it was used as it only has the default macros installed. But I see it has a strange issue.

KM running fine, no crashes, no issues. When I click on the menu icon to open the interface "Launch Keyboard Maestro Editor", the editor opens as normal but the icon disappears.

Then when I close the editor, it closes and the menu icon is also gone, it doesn't reappear.

I look at Activity Monitor and I see the KM Engine process also not showing anymore. SO I assume the engine crashes in the background without any error the moment I open the editor.

KM needs to be launched again.

This only happens every 2nd time on opening the editor. That means when KM is launched fresh and I open the editor, the editor opens fine and the menu icon is there. Closing the editor and going back opening it again, the menu icon closes again and KM Engine crashes.

My version works fine but I don't have backup with me to restore my KM app.

Is this something anybody observed?