KM exits contextual menus (when using focused window title triggers)?

So, hopefully I explain this correctly:

It seems that one of my macros that is triggered by a focused window title change is causing some weird problems.

It won’t happen straight away, but after a few days, contextual menus will suddenly keep exiting
I.e. when I right click, the menu is then exited straight away. Bookmark folder lists will also disappear in Firefox when I click on them.

I’ve attached the Macro that seems to be the culprit, though I’ve come across this in the past & (from memory) it always seems to be caused when I have a ‘focused window title changes’ trigger.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Record Quick Macro Helper.kmmacros (27.3 KB)

I should also have added:
When I relaunch the KME the problem is resolved.

...the problem is reloved??

I guess reloving your macro must be a new debug technique Peter has not told us about.

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One must always give your macro the love that it deserves! (fixed the comment to say "resolved" haha)

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