KM for correcting spelling mistakes

Sometimes I make spellling misteakes.
How could could KM be uzed to corrrect sum of those?

This topic was inspired by:


I suggested there, and will repeat it here, that the KM action, "Prompt for User Input" would be useful.
Trigger on typed string: "you".
Two buttons: [ you ] and [ your ].
That's all.

Further conversation on another thread about spelling mistakes has started me thinking.
I wonder how else KM might be beneficial for this purpose.

I often have to write Chiropractor at my job, "Kiropraktor" in norwegian. I always ended up spelling it wrong.

Now i just write krp or Krp and KBM takes care of it.

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Thank you, @isak, for posting that action.

I did not think of this topic for foreign languages, but, yes, of course, it is perfect.

(And KM simply makes corrections for us. It never gets offended, yes? :wink:)

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LOL. I'm sure you're correct, but every once in awhile I wonder if the computer isn't secretly thinking "Again? Seriously?" :slight_smile:

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For most spelling correct I prefer the kind of service that TextExpander or Typinator do (and to a lesser degree what OS X provides in System Preferences > Keyboard > Text. Those services are quick to set up and do a pretty good job.

However, not to say KM doesn't play well here -- and @Isak's solution is exactly how I would handle it. Sometimes, too, I use the conflict menu when I'm writing technical documents and want to sometimes insert the fully-spelled out term and other times just use the abbreviation. Example

type: kpbs
KM opens a conflict menu with two choices: 
1) Insert "Kbps" 
2) Insert "kilobits per second (Kpbs)"

That's a case where KM does a better job that the other options, IMO.


Can I get KM to ‚Äútype what I meant and not what I said‚ÄĚ? It sure would save a lot of misunderstandings‚Ķ :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL -- or get iOS's autocorrection feature to not make weird substitutions. A colleague the other day texted several team members endorsing "Eric's recommendations". The text they received was his endorsement of "Erotic recommendations"!!!

LOL. Literally L O L.

Thanks, I needed a good laugh!

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Ditto :blush:

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