KM forgets which “Excel” app macro group is assigned to

My Excel 2016 macro group keeps swapping to be active in Excel 2011, like KM can’t tell the difference between the two apps.

On my work Mac I have Excel 2016 and 2011. On my home Mac I only have Excel 2011. I think this may be the issue.

May not be KM, but M$ problem. I’ve seen on Windows machines where Microsoft is actively trying to run the demo version that came with the machine, rather than the older version I install.

Hey Jack,

KM is most likely using the bundle-id as an identifier.

Try use Other… to select the specific version on-disk rather than using the pop-up.


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Keyboard Maestro uses the path (primary) and bundle ID (secondary) as the identifier for the application.

So if the application remains in the same place, then Keyboard Maestro should not lose it.

A common failure mode is when you have applications in different places on two different Macs that you are syncing between. When Keyboard Maestro sees the macros on the second Mac and looks for the app at the specified path, it cannot find it and so searches based on the bundle ID. It finds the application somewhere else and then changes the path to match which then syncs back to the first Mac resulting in fun and games which typically aren’t much actual fun.

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Thanks, gentlemen. I’ve rearranged my Applications folder to suit KM better. I’ll see how this works.

Hi guys, I have put Excel in the exact same location on both of my Macs, and my Excel 2016 macro group continues to revert to Excel 2011. Any other ideas?

Hey Jack,


Rebuild your launch services database with Onyx, and see if that helps.

Maintenance Pane » Rebuilding Tab