KM Forum Doesn't Seem to Load Using Safari?

A bit off topic but since a few days ago keyboard maestro forum stopped loading on safari. I tried several internet providers with same results. Also works perfectly in Chrome...
this is what i see when i try to load the site in safari

seems like its stuck midway..
i tried clearing cookies with no success..
any clue guys?


In Safari is the pointer turning into an hourglass? I've been having that problem for several days. If I hit the stop/refresh buttons it wakes up. I was inferring it was a bad Apple software update and eventually someone would report it to Apple.

EDIT: I'm using Safari 12.1.2 on macOS 10.14.6.

Safari is working fine for me.
Running Safari 12.1.1 (14607. on macOS 10.14.5 (Mojave)

Sounds like a caching issue - have you tried holding down the option key and reloading the page, and/or restarting Safari?

I neglected to point out that my problem isn't just with the KM site, it's with all sites on the web. Reloading the page always fixes it, until 15 minutes later when it happens again. I'm not complaining about it, I was just advising the Original Poster that my symptoms were similar.


Jusy to updated the post so it maybe of help clearing the cache didn’t help.what did help was a restart I did by chance and that seemed to solve the issue (weird right?)\

thanks to everyones help!


Since I'm having a similar problem, did you mean a restart of macOS or of the KM Engine?

restarting macOS