KM has an SMS action, but no iMessage action

There is a KM action to send an SMS, but I don’t see an action that can create an iMessage. I wanted to send an image but I think SMS is limited to (a short) text. Yes I can probably open and manipulate the iMessage application, but it seems an action would be better. So I guess this is a suggestion, to have an action that can send iMessages.

Also, 3 out of 4 times when I use the Send SMS action, the iMessage application (which KM appears to use to send its messages) fails to send. I have to hit retry multiple times (in iMessages) to get most things to send. So maybe iMessages will work better than SMS. SMS isn’t working much at all.

There is a Send iMessage action as well. They are variants of the same action.

Sending the message is a simple AppleScript request to Messages. I haven't found Messages to be overly reliable at the best of times, so it probably isn't all that surprising that the SMS is unreliable unfortunately.

Thanks. Sorry I missed that. But one reason to use iMessage is that it supports graphics (and other things). But if I put a graphic into the Clipboard this doesn't work: (I have a hunch why it doesn't work, but the point is I'd like to send images in KM without opening windows.)

It always goes without saying I love KM. My suggestions aren't meant to imply otherwise.

Sending iMessages is done via AppleScript, which as far as I can tell does not support any kind of rich text.

Fair enough. I will manipulate windows to send graphics then. iMessage does accept graphics in the chat window. It’s quite cool getting KM to send an image to my Watch!

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A footnote note on discovering actions and options:

Don't forget the excellent search panel launched by ⌘^A

(It takes us straight to such things, if we type in a string like imessage)

Never seen that before! It feels like Christmas whenever I learn about a new feature of KM that I’ve never seen. Thanks for the Christmas gift.