KM + HyperKey + MS Office - FIXED

Hyper Key + Windows MS Office Web Launcher - FIXED

Just thought I would post a fix to something that took a while to troubleshoot. I eventually did simply find this fix in a forum but that was after trying some different methods. Maybe it will save someone some time.
I am running parallels + Windows 10. Some recent update caused my system to start launching MS Office prompts after using my caps lock hyper key (shift/ctrl/option/command; Karabiner). After multiple attempts to uninstall Office only to have it reinstalled and visible again in my Apps list, I did the manual uninstall office procedure. First time = back to same prompt again.

I did not realize this was triggering the Web Launcher for Office. Turns out the windows 10 hotkey for doing this is shift/control/alt/win (from forum searching; Windows chat support did not know this).

The fix was running the following in cmd prompt:

REG ADD HKCU\Software\Classes\ms-officeapp\Shell\Open\Command /t REG_SZ /d rundll32

I found the fix at the following link:

Not specifically KM related but if you use Karabiner and Hyper Key for KM macros - they are too valuable to lose functionality.
Hope it saves someone time that I wasted.


Thank you! This has been driving me crazy. I even opened a support case with Microsoft. They basically said "it's not broken, so we're not going to change it and there's no way to disable it."

I'm doing this now and adding it to my list of things to do when I setup a new Mac.

Excellent. It didn't even require a reboot of the VM.