KM Icon should change colour

The KM icon in the macOS Menu Bar does show when macros are running by having tiny pixels move in the icon. But my eyes simply aren't good enough to detect single pixels flashing on the screen (even if I'm staring at the icon on my 5K monitor). What I would like is for the entire icon to change colour (red?) when there are any running macros. This might annoy some people, so maybe there should be a toggle in the KM Preferences Panel for those of us who like an easier notification than tiny pixels.

I can't think of much other use for colour in that icon. Unless there's a third colour for when all the running macros are currently paused.

You can change the status menu icon in the preference.
And you can install others.
See this part of the forum.

That's wonderful. Sorry I missed that. The only catch is that the instructions say "To install a status menu icon, download it and drop the .zip file on the Keyboard Maestro dock icon." But when I download them they are unzipped folders instead of zip files. Dragging them onto the dock icon does nothing. I don't think I have any Zip software on my Mac to make Zip files. What am I doing wrong?

If Safari expands the .zip, just recompress the folder with the Finder, control/right-click on the folder and select Compress.

Thanks Peter. I never knew that. You are a good person for not getting frustrated that there are people out there who miss the obvious.

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There is no point getting frustrated with people, and in any event, it is a valid question - you download a .zip, want a .zip, and Safari “helpfully” decodes it (which is generally what you want). Realistically, Keyboard Maestro should either use a different file extension, or alternatively should be happy if you drop a status icon folder on it (and actually, maybe it does, I haven't checked the code to see). So it's as much my fault as anything else.

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