KM is blocking Cmd-S function on M1 Mac

Was able to get everything transferred over to new 2021 16" MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip.

In any program, Command-S will not function while Keyboard Maestro is running. When I quit KM, Command-S works just fine.

NEED FIX ASAP! I have way too many macros to have to turn KM on and off and I don't want to have to add Command-S to every application macro group.

Click on All Macros on Groups pane, then search for t:⌘S which will show you macros that are triggered by Command-S

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Hey Randy,

In my opinion Keyboard Maestro users need to have the KM Status Menu visible and use the Iconaholic Loud or Louder icons, so they KNOW when a macro is triggered and when one is running (especially when it runs overly long).

You can quickly go to the last used macro in the Keyboard Maestro Editor.

Evan's thought is very useful as well, and t:⌘S is an abbreviation for:


See the Search Strings user manual section on the wiki.