KM keyboard mistake using Somma 14.2.1

I am reporting a problem that I faced for the last 3 days. Hopefully the problem is solved.

Small case c connected to clipboard. I could not type "c," and another window flashed. With the help of Apple support, the connection between the small case c and the clipboard was discovered. By turning off
Keyboard maestro, this was stopped.

I trashed KM and will reinstall it. I hope the problem does not occur again. It took.

This happened on Somma 14.2.1

I am baCk to square one and the situation is worse.

I downloaded and installed KM. Now I Cannot find it. KM in not under Under Settings/General/ login items, I do not find KM. Also, it is not in my appliCations file. So, I Cannot even get rid of KM. I just bought the update for KM. I would like to ContaCt support, but I Cannot find that address either..

Again the C key lower Case is not working. A popup window flashing with something written about "Done allow" I Cannot get a photo of it beCause it is arbirary. and quiCk. But the C key problem is related to a flashing popup.

Attempting to get rid of this problem before I restored the whole Computer to faCtirt Condition. But the problem persisted.

Somehow, you have created a macro that's defined with the 'c' key to activate. And Keyboard Maestro is definitely running.

Start Spotlgiht with Command-Space, type "Keyboard Ma..." until you see "Keyboard Maestro" show up, then hold down the Command key and the path to the application will be shown. Alternatively, open Activity Monitor, type keyboard maestro in the search box, then click once on Keyboard Maestro (not Keyboard Maestro Engine) in the list and click the 'I' button. Click on Open Files and Ports, and the first entry will be where Keyboard Maestro is running from:

Once you have Keyboard Maestro open, click on _All Macros in the left hand column, then look through the list of macros in the next column, and find the one with a 'c' in the right-hand section of that column. That's the macro that's executing whenever you type 'c'. Remove the macro, or just remove its trigger.


Thank you so much. I located to macro key. You were right.

Thank you

In such a situation, you can easily resolve it using the Interactive Help in the Help menu, and selecting Something unexpected is happening, and Keyboard Maestro will show you the macro that is triggering.

BTW, your email to support did not include your email address so I could not respond there.

Sorry Peter. I just sent another request for help from my own email. I now know about interactive help. It is excellent.

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