KM Laggy

KM seems sluggish. It may have gotten this way over time and I have not noticed it. Many or most things take a half to full second to complete. Example: renaming an action. Right click takes at least .5 seconds to pop up. Then, when typing the name, there is a noticeable lag.

Have 2018 Macbook Pro w 16GB memory. I have not noticed any lag in other programs. I do have a lot of macros (468 at last count).

This can be caused by one or more of the following: excessively large KM Variable size, large Clipboards in the KM Clipboard History, large Named Clipboards.

Unfortunately, I don't know of an easy way to identify these large items.
@peternlewis: Any way to do this? If not, please accept this as a new feature request.

See this:

If there is a lot of CPU use (by Keyboard Maestro Engine), the cause is usually because Keyboard Maestro is executing macros, usually CPU intensive macros like Screen Image searches or OCR.

If Keyboard Maestro editor is laggy, then the cause can be an excessively large Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist. The macros in Keyboard Maestro are stored in a single large file, so if that file gets large that can slow Keyboard Maestro down. You can see the size of the file by selecting Open Preferences Folder from the Help menu. A few MB is fine. A few GB is not.

Also, every change in one editor window has to be mirrored in any other open editor windows. So having two or more editor windows will generally result in slow performance and should be restricted to when necessary rather than all the time.

Also, if you are editing a large macro with many actions, that can slow things down.

There is a variety of corruptions that could cause problems, including corruptions in system memory, so restarting your Mac is generally a good idea (it's not really useful in general, but you can get corruptions in memory that a clean restart will resolve).

There is no one cause of laggy behaviour, so it is not something I can detect.

You can potentially use Activity Monitor to Sample the Keyboard Maestro editor or engine process (whichever is using CPU or being slow) and that will tell you what it is doing.

Thanks for the replies.
excessively large KM Variable size -> I have about 90 variables, none larger than a few words.

Clipboards in the KM Clipboard History, large Named Clipboards -> 5 clipboards, none too big

macros.plist -> 24mb

Slowness persists through reboots.

Thanks and let me know if you think of anything else.