KM Losing Focus in Full Screen Mode and Other Situation-Specific Elements

I discovered an anomaly when using KM to script a third-party application in a special case: The main window of the app is full-screen, and floating windows of that app are on a second (physical) screen—and you're also scripting the KM Editor itself with other Macros. I'm posting this here in case someone else is experiencing the same issue—don't worry, I think that's just how it is.

While working in the KM Editor, Macros that script it are sent to the third-party application instead—but only if floating windows are open on the second screen. Taking the app out of Full Screen mode, or closing the windows, solves the problem.

I believe this is a manifestation of how macOS handles full-screen mode, not an issue with KM.

My understanding is that a full screen window isn't actually a window at all, but a Space of its own. That causes us nothing but grief with a couple of our utilities :).


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Cheers - that might explain what I was experiencing.