KM Macro To Trigger iOS Shortcut

Is there a way to have a KM macro invoke an action (i.e. response) on an iOS device? I'd like to have a KM macro invoke an iOS Shortcut.

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Hi @KM_Panther, I myself use the app Pushover with a KM plugin to send me KM notifications and execute iOS shortcuts with them.

In this example, a KM macro monitors different logins (1Password) on the Mac. I can then use an iOS shortcut (via iCloudDrive or SSH on the network) to create a FaceTime snapshot and lock my Mac if unauthorized access occurs.

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@KM_Panther's original request was for direct invocation of an iOS shortcut. I also would like that. I don’t (think) I care about notifications, and it would be nice to avoid using another app.

Here's one way to do this: Launch iOS Shortcut on an iOS device from a Mac using KM