KM Message when running Catalina Beta 4

Hello, I am getting a message to allow the Keyboard Maestro Engine Accessability access in system preferences. However when I attempt to enable it, the checkbox is grayed out and won't let me enable it. I enabled Keyboard Maestro successfully but can't enable the engine. As a result I continue to receive popup's. I am running the latest release of both KM and Catalina Publix beta.

Any suggestions.

Unfortunately, the system Accessibility permissions preferences has been somewhat dodgy for a while, nothing really new in Catalina.

Unlock the preferences, and then delete the preference from the Accessibility permissions, and then relaunch Keyboard Maestro, which should re-add the entry, and then you should be able to enable them. Restarting should not be necessary.

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Thanks Peter that did it....

If you're like me, running a lot of Applescripts from Aplescript apps, these dialogs don't go away after only one "allow program A to access feature Y?" dialogue. You need to add that Applescript app to the approved list of apps that con control the computer.