KM plist file - CustomIconData - What format is this data?

I’m trying to see if I can read a Group’s or Macro’s “CustomIconData” from a plist file. Anyone know how to decode the data? @peternlewis?


It is either a TIFF representation, or some internal reference that stores the image in a very compact and undocumented form.

Okay… So in other words, no, I can’t decode it reliably?

Pretty much correct (other than the TIFF variant).

It depends how clever you are at reverse engineering it, but it includes references to internal files and such that would be quite challenging. And not something I’m even going to think about documenting I’m afraid. Maybe one day I could add some way to ask Keyboard Maestro to interpret it in to an image, but that would be about the best hope.

Not a problem. As you said before, I won’t hold my breath for this one either. :slight_smile: