KM potential new features under Catalina (Fall 2019)

I decided to read through a list of next version (Catalina) macOS features and see if I could speculate what the next version of KM, assuming it comes out after Catalina arrives (ETA is Sept-Oct), may possibly contain. I know Peter will provide the best product he can, and I will be very happy with it regardless, but I still want to speculate here what may be possible. Perhaps Peter is planning some of these ideas and wants to keep it as a nice surprise, so I'm not expecting him to confirm any of these ideas.

  1. Catalina will make iTunes disappear and replace it with three apps: Music, TV, Podcasts. KM currently has over a dozen iTunes actions. I'm not sure if these will still be supported in the next release (i presume they will still work) but it would be really nice if new actions could be created to support these three new apps.
  2. Catalina has a technology called Catalyst but I don't see how this benefits KM at all.
  3. Catalina has a new technology called Sidecar that allows iPads to be used as a display output or as an input device. This could easily impact KM (perhaps new KM Triggers based on the Apple Pencil!!) KM has lots of input triggers and I can see how this could be used as an input trigger. Having an input device that uses absolute (not relative) location data from a finger or Pencil would be a holy grail for me. This essentially makes macOS a supporter of touch screen devices. For me that's a big deal. I just gave away my iPad and I'd love to get a new model that I can use with KM 9.0.
  4. Catalina has some HomeKit features, I'd like to see KM start supporting HomeKit now. C'mon Peter! Motion & Temperature sensors are great triggers! Turning lights on and off are actions!
  5. Catalina has a new Find My app, but I don't see an impact on KM here.
  6. I'm not sure if the new "Login with Apple" feature on iOS will also work with macOS for laptops with Touch ID. If so it's possible that KM could support the Secure Enclave and Touch ID for passwords. KM does have some support for password technologies.
  7. Whenever a new macOS arrives it's worth checking if new APIs exist for existing macOS apps, like, perhaps, Notes. If so I'd like to see KM actions to read and write to Apple Notes. Or the Reminders app. Or HomeKit, which I'm always talking about.
  8. Catalina has voice control enhancements and maybe that includes an API, which means KM might find it easy to hook into that and provide voice triggers.
  9. Catalina has some new security controls for apps and in my opinion it's certainly possible that these new controls may make it possible for KM to once again be sold on the app store.
  10. There's a new thing called HomeKit Secure Video. I don't see a direct link to KM here, but I've always wanted KM to be able to extract a screenshot from a video input source so that I don't have to go to the screen for snapshots all the time. Maybe there's an API in HomeKit and maybe Peter can tap into it.

In my opinion if I had to choose between these items I'd pick Sidecar and Pencil/tablet input as the biggest thing for me. Or voice triggers. Or both.

Whatever it is, it will be appreciated.

Of all of these, HomeKit features seem like the most "Keyboard Maestro"-y … but I'm not sure how much automation of HomeKit will be possible on the Mac, and I suspect that it's far too soon to tell until we see what hooks (if any) Apple has opened up.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Shortcuts on the Mac is the only way to run HomeKit automation.

I'd be terribly surprised if we it ever supported anything like AppleScript.

The new Music app that replaces iTunes is AppleScriptable. It has virtually the same AppleScript dictionary as iTunes, so presumably the script modifications will be minimal, and Doug's iTunes AppleScripts won't suddenly be obsoleted overnight.

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I've been using a combination of Automator "watch me do" feature and the KM menu selection feature to automatically play and pause on the 3 new apps, but the Automator feature isn't always reliable. It'd be great if macros could be set up for these apps.