KM Programmer for Custom Project

I am looking for someone who is experienced at programming Keyboard Maestro to do custom actions. More specifically, I need to automate a login process that begins in Safari, then launches into Citrix Receiver (so you will have mostly screen images to work from, which is why AppleScript isn’t going to work here), launch into various apps within Citrix, and sequences the logins within these. I have many clients each with their own Citrix portal, but the login processes are very similar from client to client, so it’s about creating a base sequence, and then varying from one client to another.

There are secondary matters, like when I’m prompted to change password, or the system is down. These can just abort the process. All passwords will be stored in keychain so you won’t have to hardkey these in.

Is this something that anyone on this forum has done before? I am looking to contract this work to someone, not learn how to do it myself (I tried and it became very time consuming, mostly due to my lack of experience with KM). Due to the sensitive nature of the work and access, you will need to have references.