KM question about window management

I am currently thinking from moving from BetterTouchTool to either Hammerspoon or KM for my window management.

I have a question, is there an action to check for window position in KM. I want to for example have a macro that with a hotkey will ‘maximise window to the right’ and if it already in the right will 'make it into a small window in the bottom corner or just move by 10px to the right with each subsequent hotkey presses. Can I do something like that?

Also I haven’t seen a thread being posted here about this topic. How do you guys do your window management? Do you use tools like Spectacle or perhaps Hammerspoon or you do everything in KM?

Thank you for any help.


You might take a look at:
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I use KM for some, and BetterSnapTool for others. BetterSnapTool is cool because you set up screen areas, rather than setting up each application.