KM seems to interfere with Logitech MX Master 3 mouse software

Hi folks,
I just got a Logitech MX Master 3 mouse for my Mac and installed the Logitech Options software.
The mouse has a thumb wheel and in Safari this wheel is supposed to scroll through the open tabs, very convenien!.
However, only scrolling that wheel downwards works for me and goes through the tabs leftwards. When I scroll that wheel up instead of scrolling through the tabs to the right this half transparent window flickers for app. 0.1 seconds and prevents the tab-scrolling:

(I screen-recorded this behaviour and this is a screenshot from the movie.)

When I completely quit KM everything works fine, the thumb wheel scrolling cycles through the open Safari tabs in both directions perfectly.

Alas, I don't want to quit KM! Has anyone any hint what might be the problem here? And, even better, a solution? That'd be awesome!

Thanks in advance,

I can't offer anything specific, other than my own experience is that Logitech Options has problems with everything. Especially Logitech mice.


I gave up on Logitech Options years ago and now use SteerMouse, which plays well with KM.


That looks like the window switcher action.

Go to the All Macros smart macro group:


Search for: “Window Switcher”

See what you find and report back.


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Awesome, @ccstone, thanks for the hint!

I found that the "Activate Window Switcher" Macro in KM is bound to the hot key ⌃⇥ – which in Safari is the hot key for switching to the next tab. As soon as I deactivated the Macro in KM (luckily I don't use KM's Window Switcher) the thumb scroll wheel of the MX Master 3 worked flawlessly in Safari. :blush:

Thanks to all the others who answered, too! :+1: Much appreciated!