KM Shortcut for Word for Mac


First question on the forum! I am new to KM but motivated by MacSparky's FG (that I have not fully watched yet), I am growing my shortcuts.

One thing is bugging me hugely. Due to my work (lawyer in UK) I have to use MS Word. I use the current Mac version (MAS source). I have to Increase Indent and Decrease Indent a lot. I have to use templates and certain paragraph numbering. I would love to have a shortcut to do this but Microsoft does not have one. Their built in version of Shift-Control-M simply indents the number or bullet. For example, if I need to indent so paragraph number 2 becomes 1.1, it simply indents the 2. If I press Increase Indent in the Home menu it indents 2 to 1.1. Is there any way I can do this using KM? I have tried record but it creates such a lot of stuff and then does not work as intended.


I don't have Word. So I don't totally understand the issue. But my question is this: can you do what you want with a key sequence in MS Word?

I may be misunderstanding your issue, but if your paragraph already has outline numbering formatting, you can indent and decrease the outline level by placing the cursor at the beginning of the line (⌘←), then hitting the Tab key. I suppose you could set those two key presses up as a KM macro if you want to be able to do it with a single command, but I don't know how you'd do it without losing your current cursor position.

IMO, the best solution is to use the MS Word Macro facility to perform the steps you want, and assign that Macro a shortcut in Word. KM is not needed.

The best way to create a MS Word macro is to turn on the Word Macro Recorder and manually go through the steps. Then stop the Recorder. If it is simple enough, that may be all you need, but you might need to fine-turn the Word Macro by editing it.

Hi. Thanks for your help. I tried out various solutions, but I then (for unrelated reasons) did a clean install and the tab function has returned! Weird.