KM solved a long-standing pet peeve with Forklift

I'm embarrassed that I didn't look to KM to solve this pain-point a long time ago.

I switched from Path Finder to Forklift a couple of years back. Nothing against Path Finder, I was just not a fan of their re-design and Forklift seemed quicker, more stable and was more customizable for my particular workflow.

When I switch to dual pane browsing in Forklift, the second pane defaults to my home directory which is almost never what I want. Most times, I want the second pane to be a clone of the original and then I continue to drill deeper from there. (I hate this behaviour, but, they have no plans on changing it)

Within Forklift, I can activate dual pane browsing with a keyboard shortcut, then use a second keyboard shortcut to clone the pane. While this works and ultimately gives me what I want, that's two shortcuts to remember and two steps. Not a huge deal I suppose, but it has always been a sore spot with me.

I decided to look to KM to remove the pain point for me. Keyboard Maestro solves the problem with one shortcut. One shortcut switches me to the two-pane view with the second pane being a clone of the first.

This has to be one of the simplest KM macros going, but I'm finding myself using multiple times a day.

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You should share your macro with the forum :slight_smile:

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I first needed to change the shortcut for "Clone Pane" in the Forklift preferences as it conflicted with clipboard utility that I use called Copy'em Paste.

This is a dead-simple macro, but I smile just a little bit every time that I use it.

Note to self: When things don't work the way that I want them to, look to KM to solve the pain-points.

I suppose that in this particular case I should say that KM removed the "pane" points. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (forgive my dad humour)

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This is my life-motto (as least when I'm on my Mac).