KM steals hotkey input from Alfred

I have configured a bunch of “Goto Tab” hotkeys for Safari, so pressing ⌘4 will go to tab #4.

In Alfred you can press ⌘[1…9] to select a result in the Alfred popup.

If I have Safari active, and then activates Alfred, and want to select item #4 in the Alfred popup, Safari will go to tab #4.

It seems like KM doesn’t recognise the Alfred popup window.

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David Jack Wange Olrik

Correct, Keyboard Maestro currently only considers the front foreground application to be the active application, and does not currently notice when non-foreground applications have the focus. This changed in 7.x with the new running application system, and may change back when I figure out how to do it within the new system.

I met the same problem in km9. Have you solved it now?

I have disabled my ⌘[1…9] hotkeys in KM, as Safari now supports it natively.
And I no longer have the problem.

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Thank you for your reply. You are very lucky and can solve it. I have a similar problem, but it seems km still cannot recognize aflred's search box.

Keyboard Maestro can only base its decisions on the front application (the one with the menu bar), which as far as I am aware is pretty much never Alfred. So unfortunately it probably cannot detect when Alfred is active.