KM Suddenly Not Working in One App – No Change in Others

I just upgraded my CAD program, and all of a sudden no macro will trigger. In another app, all is well. No permissions were changed, but I get nothing but a single beep if I try to invoke a shortcut.

Not sure if it is an issue with the upgraded CAD program. It seems that macros will run just fine from the KM editor's "Run" command, but will not when triggered from the app itself.

Are you targeting the app by name? Has the name changed? Can you share a simple macro that isn't working?

So I was able to restore full functionality by making a copy of all the macros in the original group and duplicating them in a brand new group. Something corrupted the original group, though I did not touch KM when I upgraded my CAD program.

Perhaps the CAD upgrade, though ostensibly named identically, actually had some sort of difference, and when I referenced the new version KM updated the new group somehow.

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Hey Craig,

The first thing to try in such an instance is to change the name of the app in the macro group to something else – pause a second – and then change it back to the desired app name.

It's often worthwhile to run the Interactive Help from the Keyboard Maestro Editor's Help menu too.


Working through certain odd behaviors. I cannot create a working macro group using the name I originally had. Changing that name makes no difference. A brand new one works just fine,

I am only sort of interested why, since I have a workaround...