KM to track my location in my house?

I want to use KM to do some things depending upon which room in the house I'm walking into. I already have motion detectors connected to HomeKit, which can switch lights, and I like that, but the power of HomeKit is nothing compared to KM. Are there any hardware devices that I can buy & wear that will tell my Mac, and also tell KM, exactly where I am in the house?

Not that I can think of…

The closest I can imagine is (assuming you have an iPhone), get some NFR stickers, and you could have them trigger a shortcut, which could SSH to your Mac and trigger a Keyboard Maestro macro that way (or via Keyboard Maestro’s “public web” option).

But I’d definitely wait until iOS 13 ships before I tried to make that work.

p.s. - I suppose it might be theoretically possible to jerry-rig something using Siri on the Mac, but tbh I have never once used Siri on the Mac, so I’m just guessing.

After 30 seconds of trying to comprehend, and googling, did you mean NFC? Yes, I think you did. I hadn't heard of them before. But they might potentially help me out. I will consider it. Thanks.

UGH. Yes. Sorry, acronym fail.

NFR = Not For Retail aka “this license code cannot be given away, it’s for review purposes, etc"

NFC = Near Field Communication aka “the things you can tap with your iPhone"

After 30 seconds, I realized by UGH you didn't mean the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii. On a serious note, (no pun intended,) I'm inferring that iOS may have the ability to detect nearby NFC stickers, which means I could place a dozen of them around my house and my iPhone could tell some software (presumably Home?) where I am. That would be fine, but it would still be nicer if I could send that data too KM.

I do similar things with SmartThings. I have motion, light and door sensors in key areas. For controlling lights and devices, you can do straightforward things through SmartThings. For more sophisticated routines that I have written in KBM, I trigger the macro with the motion sensor. I use webCORE to build a piston that runs the Remote trigger in KBM.

This also works to trigger a KBM with an Alexa command or routine. I create a virtual switch in ST and use HomeBridge to add the switch to Alexa and to HomeKit. Turning on that switch runs the Remote trigger for the KBM.

I had been doing much of this through IFTTT, dropping a file trigger, but it was taking much longer to trigger and often failing to trigger.

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