KM trigger in a Stream Deck "Multi Action"

When i want to put a KM trigger in a stream deck multi action it fails finding the button.

The multi action i wanted to make is this button within a StreamDeck folder, and after i pressed the button move up one level again. I achieve this by switching the profile. (which is in fact the profile i am in, but on a deeper folder level)

When i add my own virtual row and column:

it does not keep this numbers. When i go to KM and listen to the USB device trigger it would make the default button; R1C1:

This should be resolved in 9.0.2.

The button does not know “where” it is, so the virtual row & column will default to 999.

The Button ID and Title are useless in this context I believe, you wont usefully be able to set the title or image or otherwise work with the buttons. But you can have them trigger a macro.

KM v9.02
The Set Title and Set Icon does not work when the KM plugin in within a StreamDeck Multi Action. I can see why; it uses the StreamDeck own icon and text.

Therefore the "Title" and "Button ID" fields have no effect.


It is more or less meaningless to try to set the title or image of a multi-action entry.

Maybe it is better to grey out the fields then, when in the Multi Action.