KM Trigger to hit return key when restart window launches

I’ve been searching, reading through the Wiki and playing around with KM to try and get my desired result (which I would believe would/should be easy).

You’re my last hope guys!

When you select restart, you get the pop up window that begins the countdown from 60 secs. Of course, you can hit return to action it straight away. I believe it is not possible to change the countdown of 60 secs so all I’m looking for is this.

When that window pops up, for KM to hit the return key say in 1 second.

Is this possible? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just want to add a bit of background.

The reason I’m trying to get round this is I’m using macOS IFTTT Control & Alexa to trigger Shutdown, Restart etc.

However, it’s pointless with the system delay. Hence, looking for a workaround for the countdown.

I’m just trying to work out how the app sends the command to the system, once I know that it’ll be half the battle! I Hope :roll_eyes:

Hello @gerrymcil,

There are two ways to restart using the Apple Menu (as far as I know):

1). The Regular Restart which contains which looks like this and throws the popup [Notice the ... (ellipses)]:


2). The Second Restart is when you select/press the Alt key and the Restart selection, simultaneously, and looks like this. This won't throw the popup and executes the immediate restart (at least in my tests and usage):


You could use the Select menu item action, in Keyboard Maestro, to use the below menu selection. You can place a Pause action in front of it with the length of time you would like. But, to follow your example, I placed one for your viewing. This is in a few of my Restart macros and works fine.



I hope this helps. If not, other gurus have other techniques and AppleScripts that will fix your issue.

Good Luck!


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Yup, the way @kcwhat describes is exactly what I would recommend too.

Although this method will not prompt you to confirm the reboot, I believe it does give apps a chance to prompt you if they need to save, etc. However, most apps are good about "saving state" these days anyway, so you may not see that very often.

Alternatively, you can use the KM Restart Computer action.

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There certainly is a way to shutdown with no delay, according to my googling on the web. In fact there's a keystroke sequence that will do it. I think it is Command + Option + Control + Eject. I imagine that you can even type that sequence with KM, but I'm not sure. Give that a try.

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