KM triggering double tap of CMD

I'm not sure when this started, but macros I have that use a sequence of TYPE CMD-L followed by TYPE CMD-C (for obtaining the URL from a Firefox window) are now opening my iTerm window, which is set to open with a double-tap of the CMD key. This wasn't a problem in the past. Is there any better way of fixing this than inserting an irritating PAUSE between issuing the two keystrokes?

My first thought was to use JavaScript, but I think there's an even better solution: menu items.

Now, there does not seem to be any menu item for β€œβŒ˜L means go to the URL bar” that just seems to be something that is built-in, so keep that, but then instead of doing ⌘C tell Keyboard Maestro to select the "Copy" item in the "Edit" menu.

That way you are not simulating pressing ⌘ twice, so iTerm should not be triggered.