KM Variable data into PDF Form and then Print PDF

Hiya, I am trying to create a workflow that will generate and print PDFs based upon results in an email.

Workflow of Macro I am attempting to achieve;

Trigger macro if email received 'starts with'
Grab info into KM
Sort info from headings in Email into separate KM Variables
*Complete a PDF and print in Colour single sided (based upon results 'If statement' generate more than one PDF to print)
*Complete one Word document/pdf and print in colour double sided

User completes form which is received by Email
KM triggered by matching email starting with title
For each user selection of multiple check box in question named 'which ice cream do you like?' create PDF
For each ice cream selection the user may have provided a different current and previous address unless user has selected current address for that ice cream selection, this would need to be reflected on the form.

Hello demirtas1,
Since I don't know what your exactly demands is, so I can just help you solve the most tricky part in this workflow: PDF.

There is no a dedicated KM built-in action to handle PDF, we can take advantage of an APP called pandoc. First install pandoc to mac use command brew install pandoc

When you finish your previous work in KM, use action Write Variable “VarName” To file to save the text to a file. Then run shell script : pandoc test.txt -o test.pdf, test.txt should be replaced by the file path you just gengerate in KM. And we got the PDF you need.

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For each Brand selected by the user on the form I'm trying to fill in one PDF

Here is the link to the form;

All PDFs would be combined into one mail and then emailed over to 3 three mailboxes, 2 of them can be CC'd

@OscarGong, thanks for the suggestion, but as best I can tell pandoc does not fill in the fields in an existing PDF form. If I'm missing something, please provide a link on how to do this.