KM very slow and laggy after Sonoma upgrade

I have upgraded to Sonoma, simple macros like window manipulation are taking a lot of time (2 sec - 3 sec). I have uninstalled KM and inslalled back again, did not resolved the issue. I had to put extra PAUSE times in my macros for making them work again, and I have a lot of macros. This update was not good, it s the first time that I have encountered this type of behaviour in KM.

Does anibody foud a solution for this situation.
Sonoma 14.2.1 with M1 Max, 64 Gb RAM

The window manipulation issue is a fairly well-documented one, dating back at least a couple of years. Sonoma seems to have made the matter worse however.

Anyhoo, note Peter's comments on one particular post:

Make sure you are up to date with the latest KM version as he implemented a workaround to mitigate the crappy Accessibility API (which is posted somewhere else on the forum but I can’t find it right now).

Thank you for your answer, until Sonoma everything worked fast and snapy, I am 100% sure that Sonoma is the reason. I have used KM 11 on before Sonoma and it was ok. We are hoping that the issue will be resolved in next OS.

Thank you!