KM will only copy files from with in the first folder in a Finder selection, then the whole folder from the next one down

I'm trying to create a macro that copies all the folders (and files inside, of course) off the root of a flash drive plugged in to a newly created dated folder in my Downloads folder.

I trigger the macro after selecting all the folders.

For some reason, when selecting two folders, it only copies the files inside of the first folder to this newly created folder, and then copies the whole folder of the second item.

I just want to copy everything as-is. What can I do here?

I have answered in your other topic, which is somehow similar.

Hah. Thanks for that. I knew they were a little similar, but I assumed they’d have ultimately similar solutions. I’ll check it out.

Copying to a location will copy & rename the file if the target does not exist.

So the first folder is copied and renamed to the new dated folder.

Then the second file is copied into the newly created folder.

If the first selected item had been a file, the second would fail since it could not be copied into a file.

The solution is to create the directory first, something like:

Perfect. That’s exactly the explanation I was looking for. Definitely feels unintuitive but glad there’s a simple workaround.