KM with Logic Pro - no longer clicking on centre of found image in Ventura and 10.8.1

Hi, in Monterey and Logic Pro 10.7.9 I had macro's to create a summing track stack (from selected tracks) and color the stack according to type (blue for drums, brown for bass etc) This worked but now after upgrading, the color window is pulled up but no longer selects the found images color. Any ideas?
Create Summ stack for Bass, close colo,r name stack.kmmacros (39.6 KB)
It's my 1st post so apologies if it doesn't work!

Pic of.

BTW I'm using a steam deck to trigger the macro's


It's working! Found solution in other thread. I had to toggle on and off in security settings, KM's ability to record the screen, now using 'Click at selected"