KM with Sonoma Screen Sharing app


I have a large set of keystrokes in my KM environment.
When using KM on a remote Mac connected via the Screen Sharing app (Sonoma), the actions behind the keystrokes are executed on the local map.
Is this by design?

As an alternative a use Jump Desktop, and when using that combination, the keystrokes are correctly executed on the remote machine.

Any thoughts?


I'm not sure, but it would help if you clarified, are you using Hot Key triggers, or Typed String triggers?

I you are using Screen Sharing, then the Keyboard Maestro in the target Mac or the Keyboard Maestro in the local Mac may be involved in executing macros.

Note that as a general rule, the local Keyboard Maestro cannot correctly type into the remote Mac (modifiers are lost in the translation). So you generally want to use Keyboard Maestro in the target Mac and have your macros on the local Mac exclude Screen Sharing.

I am using Hot Key triggers.

Thanks. I'll give that a try.