KM won't accept hyper key as a hotkey

I am trying to use the Hyperkey app to map the caps lock to shift/option/control/command. this worked when I used better touch tool to initiate the hyperkey, but it KM doesn't accept it when I try to set it as a hot key in a new macro. Also, it won't accept it when I just hold down all keys plus a letter key. Any ideas? (I'm running M1 iMac with sonoma).

I'm uncertain if you are still using BetterTouchTool to implement the Hyper key. Keyboard Maestro can't create a Hyper Key, but it can utilize one if it has been implemented using BetterTouchTool (or Karabiner-Elements).

If you cannot set a hot key when holding down Command, Control, Shift, Option and pressing a letter, then there are problems with your setup and you should look at what software you have installed that is messing around with your keyboard layout and mappings.

I use Hyperkey with Keyboard Maestro without any problems. It should be the same for you.