KM Won't Launch a Moom Global Keystroke?

Hi All and Happy Holidays,

For some reason this macro doesn't seem to work.

It focuses indeed, yet for some reason the Moom keystroke for a tiling action doesn't launch. The keystroke does launch in a normal non Keyboard Maestro keystroke.

Am I doing something wrong?



perhaps you can try to assign another shortcut key to moom tiling action (without using keyPad key) ?

  • or replace by KM's Manipulate window action on mail app instead ?
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Hey Z,

@macdevign_mac is correct.

Moom and Keyboard Maestro don't talk the same language when it comes to referencing the keypad.

@peternlewis & @griffman ?

I can get Keyboard Maestro to drive Moom with other hotkeys on my Mojave system with Keyboard Maestro 10.0.2.


Yea, there's something, but my mind and Spotlight searching aren't letting me find it right now. Until I can talk with Peter (to clarify, that's Many Tricks' Peter, not the KM Peter!) who's German, so it's the middle of the night there), the short answer is "don't do that" :).

If you avoid the numeric keypad, you can send keystrokes that Moom will grab. Hopefully I'll have a better answer in the next twelve hours or so.


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In modern macOS (since Catalina?), simulated keystrokes do not trigger hot keys for function keys or arrow keys. I'm not sure about number pad keys - I thought they worked, but it is possible they do not work either.

Maybe that is the issue.

In any event, Keyboard Maestro can only simulate the keystroke, what happens after that is up to the system.


I have emailed you privately to discuss some esoteric details related to numeric pad masking that don't make sense to carry out in a forum post. Hopefully we can post a follow-up after we have a chance to discuss what we've found.


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