KM won't recognize OmniFocus 4

I recently updated from OmniFocus 3 to OmniFocus 4. Both apps are named "" I have deleted OF3 from my hard drive.

KM won't fire any of the macros from my OF macro group, even after I deleted the app filter on the group and reconfigured it while OF4 was running.

If I make the group accessible to all apps, the macros work.

How do I configure the group filter in KM so it will recognize the new OF4 app?

Thanks in advance.

SOLVED: It turns out that even though I deleted OF3 and was running OF4, KM was looking for OF3. It was showing the old app icon in the filter pop-up menu. Restarting the KM Editor and Engine fixed it.

I know you might not like this idea, but have you tried turning your Mac off and on again?

AFTER SOLVED: So, my idea would have worked. :slight_smile:

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