KM10 change in Search RegExp or Finder Selection Collection

How's that for an either/or subject?

I just upgraded to KM10 (don't ask) and suddenly a macro is failing when it attempts to parse a particular folder name. The name is acquired using the For Each Item in Finder Collection action, which assigns the name to a variable, which variable is then processed with Search Using Regular Expression. That Search action is now failing ("Search regular expression failed to match…").

My regular expression is bounded with ^$, that is, I'm parsing the entire file name. The regular expression that worked in KM9 ended with a slash ("/"), but I see that the folder name returned by the For Each action does not end with a slash. When I remove the slash from my regexp the macro works.

So did For Each change the way it returns folder names in Finder Selections or did the Search RegExp action somehow change in a way that would explain this or is there a third alternative?

Seems like it.

Ensure Finders Selection collection returns paths without trailing slashes.

Aha! Thanks for finding that!